Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Big Screen

After many nights of working on the projector and screen it's finally up and functional! Scully was so bored the whole time. Can you tell?

Scully loves it now that it's finally up. Thanksgiving day we watched the dog show and Scully enjoyed it as much as we did.

She's kinda vain and talked about how much better looking she is compared to those dogs. She wasn't too happy when the toy poodle won best in show. She wants to challenge it to a race at the dog park, but I told her she would win so there's no point.

She agreed and ate her Thanksgiving dinner.

Friday, November 17, 2006

It's an Early Christmas for Scully!

I love Target! And if you don't know how much, just check out my blog for all the great Target posts. Anyway, Target has this dollar spot section. Sometimes there's fun little stuff. This time is no exception!

We got her this little doggy pop-up tent. She loves to play with Cletis in it. We got her best friend, Izzy one too. So now they'll have to have camping sleep-overs. We'll have to keep any eye out for a matching sleeping bag. (hehe) Notice the scarf? That's from the dollar spot too! It's a Christmas scarf that lights up! She like to chew on it. Like this:

We had her ear removed...just kidding.

Oh and that shirt? Dollar spot!

Can we say "Cute"... Yes we can!

They had a bunch of fun stuff for little dogs. Even some not so flattering stuff like the Mork and Mindy-Fun Loving-Colorado's "Rocky Mountain High"-1981 type jackets. Totally Mork and Mindy. But I didn't get one. Some things are too retro.

My dog is cute and happy and it only cost me $5!