Thursday, August 07, 2008

Scully and Skye

Skye is Scully's new friend. More like, they pretend to be friends. Skye likes to put Scully's head in her mouth. Scully likes to growl at Skye as she walks by me.

I can't pet them at the same time. Bad things happen.

Scully is actually on a diet now. I know she weighs more than 7 lbs and she really needs to be in the 5-6 lbs mark. It doesn't help that Skye gets treats for every smart thing she does while Scully tries to get the attention of the person giving the treats, tap-dancing, saying "I'm smrt, see. I can sit!"

No doubt she's had one too many given to her by someone who shall remain nameless (it's not me OR Justin).

So we've swapped her treats for regular food. See, we still reward her, but just from her daily ration of food. Some would say that's mean, but I say no way. You learn to take it or leave it. She's having a hard time taking it.

As I am with this banana. It's my treat, and I need to eat it.

I shouldn't be so hard on her especially since I missed her birthday. I'm a terrible mom, I know. But she didn't know any different.


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