Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Almost 5 Years

Every year Scully surprises us with some new habit. And it's usually around her birthday. Her birthday is right around the corner and this year you'd never guess what her surprise is.

In the last post I told you how she escaped and somehow turned around and came back. Since living in Minnesota with the in-laws she's managed to stay in the yard. A yard with NO fence! What a miracle that she hasn't decided to bolt and run after someone on a bike or run after a squirrel in the neighbors yard! Can we say this is possibly a turning point in my soon-to-be 5-year-old? I'd like to think so.

Maybe having another dog around helps. Skye likes to think she bosses Scully around but they both have issues. Mostly Scully's issue is her head always ends up in Skye's mouth (I'm pretty sure it's outta love...for a toy they are fighting over). Skye chases bunnies and squirrels. Let's hope Scully doesn't pick up that habit. At least wait til she's 6 and got this "staying in the yard" habit down.


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