Monday, January 30, 2006

Long Long Time Ago....

Photo courtesy of Chris, Jennifer and best friend Izzy. Hiking at Red Rock.

Scully was thinner. This was proof. However, she's been on a diet and has gone from her biggest at 7 lbs to recently 6.2 lbs! One day she'll be like this again. Slim and slender Scully.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Scully Hates Going to the Vet

It makes her sick! Actually, she had her yearly shots on Saturday and since she didn't flinch (probably because she wanted to get outta there FAST) the Vet gave her a treat. And since she was so cute, he gave her another one! Everything was great. I took her to the dog park for a quick mental recovery from the Vet office. We got home and she played with Cletis and Rabbit for a while. Then took a nap.

When Justin got home, he went to pick her up and she cried. Her shoulders were sore from all the shots. She also had some reaction with either the shots or all the treats she got that day. She threw up a few times that night and the next morning. She was feeling so crappy that she couldn't find a good place to lay down. She didn't eat but I got her to drink some. I almost took her to the emergency vet, but when I saw her moving a bit faster and playing with Cletis again, I knew she was back to normal. I think it was bad treats. Come on Vet, get some better treats!

I think this just gives her another reason why she hates going there. She won't even get out of the car. But the trip to the dog park helps unless she gets sick!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Oh No

Scully is on drugs. More on this later.