Monday, February 27, 2006

World Domination!

Alas, the Min Pin's diabolical scheme to take over the world has officially succeeded! And I've got the bumper sticker to prove it.

Min Pin, King of the Toys, ruler of the world!

Gazing confidently into the future of world domination.

Don't let this be you. Obey the Min Pin!

A breed that inspires Shock and Awe in us all.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Another Sleep-Over With My Friends!

Soaking up the sun!

Justin and I went out of town this weekend and Scully had another fun sleep-over with her friends. Little Saur bugged her all weekend, as usual, and got in trouble a few times.

"I got in trouble"

"Izzy, I'm tired"

"I know I look cute, but this sweater itches."

All the girls were excited to see me when I came by on Sunday...especially Scully. She got right in her car seat, ready to go. But Izzy and lil Saur miss her.